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We modernize government documents, data, and workflow, with an emphasis on the digital transformation of legislation and regulations. Our aim is to help governments create a modern, digital body of law, regulation, and other essential government documents. We help guide governments in the responsible use of technologies to improve internal processes and public transparency.

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About Govable

We Are Committed

We are committed to helping governments modernize the publication and analysis of legislative, regulatory and policy documents. Accuracy is our top priority and we have a proven track record working with national legislatures and agencies to introduce small changes that have a big impact.

Our Ultimate Aim

Our ultimate aim is to make law more readable and accessible, for experts and the public alike. We facilitate collaboration, increase transparency and enhance government effectiveness. Our innovative technologies help users find similar documents, analyze and automatically execute amendments and more.

Govable is a software consultancy that helps modernize government legislative and regulatory data processing workflow. Our expertise lies in supporting the world's experts in legislatures and regulatory agencies who publish, analyze, organize, draft and amend laws, legislation and policy.

Official government documents have traditionally been published on paper, requiring a laborious and time-consuming process to update and amend. This leads to a fragmentation of law, regulation and policy across paper volumes and different government entities. We work with the unique challenges of each government entity to help you modernize responsibly. In most cases, providing a readable, up-to-date, digital version of the law is the first step in a broader modernization process.

Our Expertise

Transparency and Standards

Transparency begins with having a reliable source of truth for legislative information. We work with governments to implement national and international data standards as part of a smooth transition between paper and digital publication. We also help governments create a digital archive of their legislative and regulatory history, which can be used to track the evolution of laws and regulations over time.

Legislation and Regulation

In law, we believe in a top-down approach, starting with the law itself. Each jurisdiction has a venerable legal tradition, that must be maintained, while adapting to the modern, digital world. The core of all legal traditions is maintaining accurate and specific citations, or references. We help build the tools to easily search, link and analyze those citations with point-in-time accuracy.

Efficiency and Collaboration

For Govable, Customer Experience (CX) is paramount and means considering the needs of legislative experts and the public they serve. We help identify opportunities to modernize workflow while retaining expert insight, working with state-of-the art Artificial Intelligence (AI) where appropriate, and also established tools like search, document databases and modern, secure, cloud infrastructure.

Our Work

US House of Representatives

House of Representatives (U.S.)

The Govable team has supported modernization work for the U.S. House of Representatives, and our work was highlighted by the House Modernization Committee (117th Congress). The Comparative Print Suite, which allows lawmakers to see how a bill would change the current law, is a key example of this work. We introduced an innovative Natural Language Processing framework and a point-in-time document database (XCiteDB) which can retrieve individual provisions of the law at a specific point in time.

US Library of Congress

Library of Congress (U.S.)

How do you find similar bills among thousands of historical documents? Govable brought together leading experts in NLP to build an open-source legislative document similarity engine. We then built on that solution for the Congressional Research Service of the Library of Congress to find and compare similar bills.

US House of Representatives

Law Revision Counsel (U.S.)

The United States Law Revision Counsel (LRC) classifies and consolidates federal law into the U.S. Code. The Govable team has helped the LRC reimagine and modernize its workflow, allowing their team of legislative experts to provide updates more efficiently, while maintaining complete fidelity to the original law.